Refer and Earn - Our affiliate marketing program

Welcome to Our Affiliate Program. It helps You to Earn by doing nothing. With thousands of Books available on Our Platform, One can earn by Sending your affiliate link to others who want to buy any book. We have made an Easy Link building tool, that will help you generate links to refer to others. It’s Easy, Fast, and it Works.

How it Works:

Join thousands of People who are earning from us. Many of them are Advocates, Students pursuing LL.B, Legal Advisors, Judicial Service Aspirants, Bloggers, Vloggers, Youtubers, etc.

Share thousands of books to your Classmates, Colleagues, Family Members, etc. You can Share the Link through your Websites, Social Media Accounts (Whatsapp, FB, Insta etc.)

It’s not that One has to buy at the same time from that link. Your link is valid for 30 days i.e. If one Clicks today and Buy after 30 days then Still You will get the Commission. Earn upto 10% for every sale you made.

30 Days Cookie Time

Suppose You have made your Affiliate Account with us, and shared a Link to your classmate, or colleague, or to some else. And that Person clicked the link but haven’t bought that book at the same time. Then What?

Here’s the Solution. We had extended the cookie time to 30 days. That means, if that person wants to buy any book after 2 weeks or 3 weeks or 1 month. Then Still you will get the commission from that sale.

No matter when the books get purchased, your commission is Safe.

Money Withdrawal Threshold Limit

We have the lowest threshold limit ever on any affiliate or Refer to Earn program had.

You just have to make Sales from your link till it Reached โ‚น500.

We will Notify you When You will reach this โ‚น500 threshold limit.

And We will Send you the Money on the Same Day. The payment can be made via UPI id like Google Pay, Phone Pay, etc. or via Direct Bank Transfer, whichever suits you the Best.

SO, Why wait! Go and Sign Up and Start Earning today.

How will You know whether someone purchased from your link?

It’s Very Easy.

In your “My Affiliate Account” page, you can get every Analytics i.e. every info whether someone has clicked your link or not?

Or whether on which date someone clicked the link, and if it had made sales or not?

Or if had made a sale, then How much Commission you will get from it, or on which date you made a sale.

You can know every statistics you want to know.

SO, Why wait! Go and Sign Up and Start Earning today.