Average Delivery Timing

Delhi/NCR Region
in between 6 to 0 Hours *

Shipping in Delhi/NCR

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in between 1 to 0 Days *

Shipping in Rest of India

* Note: It is an Average time within which Your books get delivered. The Data shown are during which the Circumstances were optimum.

Generally, You will get your delivery within such timings, However for uncertain circumstances we Demand a delivery period of 7 to 14 days.

Also the “Estimated Delivery Date” shown on the product page is an Estimated period not a Promise period. That means most of the time you’ll get the product delivered to you within that time but it may get further delayed as per Circumstances.

We assure you the delivery of your order as Fast as Possible.

Shipping Information

1. Purchasing is very simple, once you have found your book through search or browse links, you can place it in your shopping Cart. Just click on the “Add to Cart” button. You can add as many books as you want to your Shopping Cart. Continue to make selections and when you have filled your shopping basket, you are ready to begin the checkout process.

2. The process of shipping starts when we receive your valuable orders along with the payment. Kindly submit your full postal address along with postal code and telephone number including the Mobile Phone number for faster transit. Packing is done with special care so that the product reaches the customer in perfect condition.

3. The product is dispatched the very same day of ordering (Once the Order shows “Processing” status).

6 Layer Packing (TetraPack) + Sanitisation

We care about our Customer and the Package we send to them.

We have Introduced a  more safer way to Protect our Product while it is being Shipped to You.

So How do we do the Packaging work? 

Let Us tell you in Short :

  •  First Step we follow is to Check the books to be Delivered, thoroughly. This way we Discard Misprinted/ Damaged or any such Books. So that you will get the Perfect Fresh New Genuine Books with Corners Protected in your hands.
  • Then We Cover the Book with a Sheet Cover.
  • Then We cover it with Bubble Based cover that Protect the Book from any Damage.
  • Thereafter We Apply another Cover of Cardboard/ Hardbound Cover.
  • Then 2 sheets of other Covers are Added to it.
  • And then the last cover with full Cello Tape which adds up the Shipping Dispatch Details.
So, You don’t have to Worry about your Books that you ordered from us.
It is fully Safe, Sanitised, and will reach you Soon as You Order them.

Thanks for Buying from us.

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